Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mixed Media Around The World- Russia

In this term, the art program is exploring new and exciting destinations! In our first class, I introduced the students to the art of the Russian dolls "Matryoshkas". They are so beautiful and inspiring!

The children loved them and they all shouted that they have one at home! The following class I asked parents to send along their Matryoshkas from home to show the other students.

Different approaches to paint Matryoshka Dollls

We have been having fun creating all kinds of dolls, with modelling clay, wood, fabrics and even illustrating a Children's Book using Matryoshkas as the main character.

Wooden Matryoskas by the talented students

 My youngest student, Dana (4 years old) and her sister, modelling their Matryoshka Dolls

Another young student, Rogan (4 years old) and his sister, modelling their dolls.

Some samples of the clay Matryoshka Dolls

Some samples of the fabric Matryoshka Dolls

Students making "houses" for their Matryoshka dolls. They loved this project!

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