Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Meet Art collector: Dr. Andres Cotton

A short story about his painting:

Dr. Alberto Andres Cotton lives in North Miami Beach, FL and specializes in Pediatrics. He has brought to Miami his personal style, based on listening to the needs of each patient. He focuses on both the physical wellness as well as the emotional needs of the child and his/her family. This young doctor completed his studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he worked at some of the most prestigious hospitals. Nowadays he works at the Miami Children’s Hospital and maintains a private practice. In his approach, Dr. Cotton offers support 24/7 including home visits with flexible and efficient service. He is warm and professional, a passionate doctor who listens and helps. Dr. Cotton is a special doctor and an amazing person. I know all this because he is my cousin! We grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, sharing family reunions and celebrations. We talked a lot, we laughed a lot, we sang, played, danced and performed a lot.
In 2006, I was working on “Color & Hope” an art fundraiser to collect and send money to both my father and brother fighting cancer in Israel. Dr. Cotton supported me both emotionally and by trying to get people in his community engage in the cause. The campaign was a success and as a gift of gratitude, I painted an art piece for his private clinic.

Dr. Andres Cotton testimonial: “Jazmin’s painting is the SOUL of my clinic. Everyone who comes in has something to say about the artwork!”
Thank you Dr. Cotton for being an amazing person and doctor. I am proud of your work and your achievements. Thank you for letting my painting light the lives of so many families!
                 "The stories you believe to be true are the ones your life will become" with love, Jazmin

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Opening night reception of "Hawaiian Sisterhood"

Meet Art collector: Linda Shecter

A short story about her painting:

Linda and Jay Shecter purchased “We choose life” in 2013. This painting was inspired by their daughters’ courageous decision.
In a warm summer evening in 2013, I met Linda and her two daughters. They came to the meeting open to talk about their lives’ stories. That summer I was working on my first exhibition “Honouring Women”, an art show created and inspired by  the stories of women in my community. I was interested in exploring body image and femininity and wanted to understand more about this subject through Linda and her daughters' journey.  I knew they would inspire others. To me, these 3 women were symbols of motherhood, confidence, courage and resilience. They were successful role models and I hoped that other women (visiting the show) would benefit from learning about positive attitude towards life's challenges.
The conversation was open and sincere. Linda talked about her difficult journey conquering ovarian and breast cancer.  Her daughters shared their stories of discovering their genetic mutations and the choices they made to decrease their risk of cancer. We talked about life decisions, family, femininity and body image.

Linda’s testimonial: "We enjoy your artwork so much Jazmin! Thank you for doing this painting inspired by our family personal story".
Despite the seriousness of the theme, I wanted to achieve a strong visual impact where the viewer would feel amazed by the beauty and confidence of the women portrayed in the painting (Linda’s daughters). The color choice was pink & black. I used pink to transmit the softness of their femininity and black to transmit the pain, courage and braveness of their decision. The upper part of their dresses was made as a reminiscence of the bandages the daughters had wrapped around their chests after surgery.  

Thank you Linda and family for sharing your personal journey with me. “We Choose Life” made a huge impact in the exhibition “Honouring Women” hosted at the  Sidney & Gertrude Zack Art Gallery, Vancouver.  Women commented on how empowering the story was and many were in tears because they shared similar stories.
I am pleased that I managed to portray such personal story and that Linda and Jay enjoy having it in their home! I am also honoured because Linda and Jay own beautiful artwork and they added this painting to their impressive Art collection.
    "The stories you believe to be true are the ones your life will become" with love, Jazmin
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Meet Art collector: Dr. Mark Rosengarten

A short story about his painting:

Dr. Mark Rosengarten is both an obstetrician gynecologist as well as a trained cosmetic surgeon. His office is located at City Square, Vancouver. Dr.Rosengarten came across my work in 2007, while visiting a mutual friend. In 2007, I showed “Mothers & Friends” at a local Starbucks. This particular Starbucks, located on Cambie st. Vancouver, used to support local artists by designating a wall for the purpose of showing local art. Friends and family gathered at Starbucks to celebrate the beginning of my journey. A friend of mine suggested that after the exhibition I should bring over her home “Mothers & Friends” and see if any of her friends or acquaintances express any interest in my work. Luckily, Dr. Rosengarten was invited to my friend’s home a day after I delivered the painting. Both Mark and Natalie (his wife) fell in love with the artwork and thought that the painting was perfect for their office.  It was a winter day when I came to meet Mark and Natalie. I brought with me “Mothers & Friends” and 2 other paintings. I poured so much love and emotions in these 3 artworks making them very unique till this day. I was excited to share these positive feelings with others! Mark and Natalie chose 2 paintings: “Mothers & Friends” which is displayed in the reception and “A secret” which is displayed in a different room.
Dr. Rosengarten’s testimonial: “I purchased Jazmin’s work in 2007. Since that day on, every single day I witness clients telling me how much they love and enjoy her work”.
Natalie Rosengarten’s testimonial: “Jazmin has such an amazing talent at her fingertips literally! She is so incredibly talented and has the ability through her art to make people smile and to bring joy. Everyone who sees her work feels the whimsical, peaceful nature that she has. Jazmin: Keep on enjoying doing art and remember that it brings a lot of peace and joy to others”.

In 2007, I got inspired and encouraged to paint when I encountered the work of a French artist in a local newspaper. I can’t believe now how I had the courage to do my first painting on such huge canvas, the artwork is 48 x 60”! Apparently I was feeling very confident and felt a strong need to express myself.  At that time, my 3 sons were very young so each day I devoted a few hours to work on the women’s expressions. It took me hours to develop each woman’s feelings, focusing on the eyes and body language. I remember the joy of adding glitters to their dresses and the sense of peace I felt while working slowly in this piece. I successfully completed the work.
To sum up this special story with you, I understand that the success and positive impact of Dr. Rosengarten’s paintings is based on the realization I had in 2007 when I found my life purpose and had the courage to let this purpose come to life.

Thank you to Natalie and Dr. Mark Rosengarten for believing in me and for choosing my artwork to brighten up your clinic and to make your patients happy!
         "The stories you believe to be true are the ones your life will become" with love, Jazmin
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Meet Art collector: Dr. Paula Iriarte

A short story about Dr. Iriarte's painting:
Dr. Paula Iriarte is a family doctor, working at a beautiful new clinic located on Granville Street, Vancouver. Dr. Iriarte attended the art exhibition “Home is Love” in support of “YWCA Cause We Care House” last February. She was planning to move to a new clinic and was looking for artwork that would bright up the walls of her new space. She was also hoping to find a painting that would bring joy and a sense of calmness to her patients (who are mostly women).  She decided to purchase “Picnic in our community garden”, one of the most beloved paintings at the art show.

Dr. Iriarte’s testimonial: “Jazmin’s art brings a beautiful sense of harmony and joy to my waiting room. Patients tell me that there is such a good vibe when they walk in and I attribute this feeling to the warmth and quality of Jazmin’s painting”.

“Picnic in our community” was inspired by a community garden program that runs at the YWCA Alder Gardens housing in Surrey, BC. The garden program is not only a food security program for single mothers living at the house but it is also the heart and soul of their community. The items harvest support the individuals and the food program at their community kitchen. The diverse women that live in this building experience a sense of belonging and community because of the garden initiative.
“Home is Love” art exhibition reflected the evocative conversations I had with single mothers. These interviews were facilitated by the YWCA- Vancouver. Inspired by a form of Latin American Art, the Peruvian retablos, each canvas was likened to a window in a home transporting the viewer to scenes of love, happiness and tender family moments.

Thank you Dr. Paula Iriarte for choosing my artwork to brighten up your clinic!
"The stories you believe to be true are the ones your life will become" with love, Jazmin
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