Tuesday, March 8, 2016

From 50 applications “Home Is Love” made it to Granville Island!

“Home Is Love” Art exhibition is on display now at The Waterfront Theatre till May4th, 2016. This is my second exhibition at this theatre and I personally love that place!

The Waterfront Theatre is a versatile, fully equipped 224-seat performance venue that has been host to some of Vancouver’s most dynamic theatre producers, such as, The International Flamenco Festival, Pacifique en Chason, and Carousel Theatre. The theatre is located at the heart of Granville Island in Vancouver. The theater tailors plays for younger audiences and families, making the proximity to the Kids Market building the perfect location for this venue.
When applications started pouring in for this year, "Home is Love" had a lot of chances since the artwork was all inspired by motherhood moments, love and joy. 
“Home Is Love” was a collaboration with the YWCA- Vancouver. The non-profit organization and I partnered from  2013 till 2015. The vision for this project was to honor both their donors and the women the YWCA serve.  I worked closely with the staff and got to know the organization better. I attended social events, took a bus tour around the city to visit their facilities and read about their programs and successful stories. We launched the exhibition with a successful opening night reception on February 12th 2015 at the Westside Grand Gallery in Kitsilano, with guests, donors, staff, the YWCA’S CEO Janet Austin and friends.

Let me tell you a bit more about the concept of “Home Is Love”:
What does it take to make a home? This question was posed to approx. 50 single mothers over a 15 month period, through introductions facilitated by the YWCA. Interviews were done by phone, email and in person. A questionnaire was presented to single mothers’ support groups and filled anonymously by the moms. Once there were enough answers and stories, I gathered the information and went to my studio to paint. The body of work for “Home Is Love” included 12 paintings all inspired by honest answers, meaningful stories and  happy motherhood moments. I wanted the paintings to be a reflection of these evocative conversations. I also got inspiration from my own experiences as a mother, as you can see in this photo!
Getting inspiration from my loved ones.
On the left: Posing with Yoel & Eitan at home. On the right: "Stuffies' Party"
Inspired by a form of Latin American art, the Peruvian retablos, each canvas was likened to a window in a home transporting the viewer to scenes of love, happiness and tender family moments. The retablos were costumed made by a talented carpenter and the roofs were finished with mosaics using vintage tiles imported from Argentina.
Peruvian retablos

       Window-liked scene of a home

Roof was costumed made and finished using vintage tiles

At the opening night reception On Feb 12th 2015, with YWCA CEO Janet Austin

Opening night reception, giving a speech about the project and sharing my vision as an artist
Now, the exhibition is open to a wider audience attending the Waterfront theatre. I am very excited to have this opportunity and to brighten up the lobby with unique body of work.

    In 2014 at The Waterfront Theatre, showing "Honouring Women"
    In 2016 at The Waterfront Theatre, showing "Home Is Love"
"The stories you believe to be true are the ones your life will become" with love, Jazmin
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